ABC 7 Chicago News Segment

On Monday, February 1st, we launched our brand new, 100% black- and woman-owned restaurant with a special segment by Tanja Babich on ABC 7 Chicago midday news in the 11 AM hour.

ABC 7 Chicago has started a new segment called “Small Business Boost” that highlights minority and woman-owned businesses in Chicago. The segment featured our owner and Executive Chef, Niquenya Collins.

In case you missed it, here’s the video clip of ABC 7 Chicago’s media coverage…

We are so grateful for our team at PR 4 Good who has been instrumental in making critical contacts and getting us in front of media throughout Chicago to get our story seen and heard. Our small, black, and woman-owned business salutes you!

Don’t forget to place your order now and take 10% off your total as a first time customer. We look forward to serving you our Afro-Caribbean-Soul fare with a sweet and spicy flair!

ABC 7 Chicago News Coverage

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