Classes & Experiences

Cooking Classes

Chef Niquenya is a Certified Healthy Hands Cooking Instructor. Under her guidance, Cocoa Chili offers cooking classes to foodies of all ages but we believe that specifically arming kids with the opportunity to be creative in the kitchen and teach them important life skills will have a far-reaching positive impact on the communities they live, play, and work in. Check out our schedule for upcoming specialty classes or contact us to book your own.

Types of Classes & Events Offered

  • Kids Classes
  • Bento Box Lunches
  • School Demo Class
  • Birthday Parties
  • Preschool Classes
  • Core 8-Hour Program
  • Cooking Camp
  • Legacy Chefs
  • Cooking for Badges
  • College Cooking
  • Adult Nutrition and Wellness Classes
  • STEAMM Cooking
  • Themed Culinary Experiences
  • Mix and Match Cooking Classes

Private Chef Dining Experiences

Bring Chef Niquenya into your home and let her cook for you! Perfect for date nights, anniversary dinners, and small family celebrations. Chef Niquenya will consult with you to curate the perfect menu for any occasion then shop and prepare the meal in your home. You need only provide the kitchen. For more information, contact us today!

Chef Niquenya prepping a delicious dish for a curated Chef Dining Experience