Love Fridge Feeding the Community

At close of business on Friday, February 5th, we partnered with West Town Feeds to provide meals for a few of The Love Fridge locations in our local community.

We stocked the Humboldt Park and Palmer Square fridges with our signature Cocoa Chili and our authentic Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Senegalese Poulet Yassa dinners. Every meal was packaged in microwavable containers making them both easy to transport and heat up.

Humboldt Park Love Fridge at Dirt Farms
Humboldt Park Love Fridge at Dirt Farms

The Love Fridge is a Chicago-based initiative created to nourish our communities through mutual aid by offering solutions to food scarcity and food waste. The program firmly believes that feeding oneself is not a privilege, but a right.

With food insecurity at an all-time high, keeping our communities fed is now more important than ever. Volunteers come from all over Chicago, working within their own neighborhoods to collaborate with like-minded partners to place community refrigerators across the city.

These refrigerators, painted by local artists to reflect the communities in which they live, provide neighbors the opportunity to donate food as well as take what they need, ensuring accessible food 24/7.

West Town Feeds is another community initiative that aims to provide 50-100 plus hot meals a day to our neighbors experiencing homelessness. One of the biggest advocates and champions of this program is Robert Magiet of Takorea Cocina who has not only been featured on local news media for his tireless commitment to helping our community, but has also inspired us to give back in this specific way as well.

We absolutely love these programs and want to remain active participants in tackling food scarcity and the food desert issue. These initiatives are also in direct alignment with our social mission to expose our community to unique, sustainably-sourced, educational foodie experiences that increase awareness and access to opportunities to improve the lives of those whom we serve.

You can help us to continue feeding the community by purchasing a Meal for a Neighbor with your own takeout food order. Your generous $5 contribution allows us to contribute a discounted full meal including entrée and sides to local Love Fridge locations within our community.

Thank you for your support!

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