Get Early Access to Our Jerk Sauce

Spicy Jerk Sauce & Marinade by Cocoa Chili Foods
Spicy Jerk Sauce & Marinade

Become a pre-market tester, and for a limited time only, grab a jar of our infamous Spicy Jerk Sauce & Marinade well before it hits store shelves near you!

Our sauce is a fan favorite so we are working hard to get it available in your local stores. It smells so good that a man once grabbed the piping hot marinated meats right off our grill, stuffed them down the front of his shirt, and took off running down our alley! No lie!

Choose between 12-ounce and 16-ounce jars. Final price will include shipping anywhere within the continental United States. Orders are typically shipped out within 3 business days and arrive by USPS Priority Mail.

What does “pre-market” mean?

Pre-market means that we are finalizing all the details required to make our sauce commercially available. Things like FDA-approved labeling, nutritional analysis, and shelf stability are being lab-tested to ensure a consistent, premium, quality product is produced every time.

As a Pre-Market Tester, you get to be among the first to try our sauce and provide us with invaluable feedback we can use to make improvements along the way. All we ask is that you please leave us an honest review on our Facebook, Yelp, or Google Business pages.