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On Tuesday, March 30th, Owner and Executive Chef Niquenya Collins was featured on The Real Chat Daddy Show in celebration of Women’s History Month and Chicago Restaurant Week.

The Real Chat Daddy Show featuring Chef Niquenya of Cocoa Chili Foods

The show, ran by Art “Chat Daddy” Sims, covers all the top news and entertainment stories of the day and all the latest COVID-19 statistics.

According to the show’s website, Chat Daddy is a familiar and welcomed voice in many diverse communities in Chicago and around the world. Known for humor, quick wit, charming conversation and amiable personality, “Chat Daddy” has traveled both nationally and international, providing inspirational, educational and vital information on the development and maintenance of positive, sustainable relationships.

Tuesday’s show was co-hosted by Christopher C. Avent Sr. Also featured was, Tiffany Williams, aka Chef Mama, owner and operator of Exquisite Catering & Events, a fine dining establishment focused on international cuisine in the Woodlawn neighborhood.

During the show, Chat Daddy talked about the delicious jerk chicken dinner we sent over for him to try. He not only loved the meal but also was particularly taken by Chef Niquenya’s unique seasoning of our fried plantains. Chef Niquenya described them as pan-fried in olive oil with a sweet “warmth.”

Chris chimed in with his appreciation of our intentional use of herbs and spices to develop layers of flavor rather than simply focusing on making dishes spicy. We also discussed how food can be used as the catalyst to bring people together and connect them back to their roots. Chat Daddy made sure to remind his audience of the importance of wearing masks, socially distancing, and staying home while COVID-19 numbers are still on the rise.

The Real Chat Daddy Show airs nightly, Monday though Thursday, at 7 PM CST. Watch the full broadcast below and feel free to leave your thoughts about the lively discussion in the comments.

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